Automatic Transmissions

We do the impossible. We make your transmission perform better than an OEM transmission… Our transmissions are so great they come with our standard 36 Month / 60,000 Mile warranty. And if the price is too great we also have our discount warranty transmissions. Same great transmission just less warranty and it comes with a…

Manual Transmissions

We specialize in manual transmissions, we are the last transmission shop in town doing them… We are still the masters of rebuilding manual transmissions. With less than 1% of cars sold in the United States having manual transmissions. We still see them. And we crush it on the rebuilds. We use only high quality  Timken…

CVT Transmissions

They say it can’t be done… But we do it. We are the ONLY transmission shop in Rochester to rebuild these things , and we do them daily. Thanks Nissan. We took the time to learn how these transmission function, we learned their weaknesses and we improve them. Smitty’s can’t say that. Keep buying them…

Transfer Cases

We are the kings of rebuilding transfer cases. We have thousands of parts in stock for most domestic transfer cases. Which makes turn around time FAST…We also build them stronger than stock transfer cases. We should carry you through the life of your vehicle. Undisputed We are without a doubt the undisputed masters of rebuilding…

We're looking forward to fixing your vehicle...

What the problem is…..

Our process is simple...

Problem identification (Diagnose)

With various tools, we will hook up our scanner to the diagnosis port on your vehicle.


After the initial diagnosis,  We visually will look at the area where the problem exists. Looking for obvious signs of issues.

Call Customer

We will then call you the customer to get authorization to delve deeper into the diagnosis, and voice what the scanner codes are pointing to.

Pinpointing the issue

We start pinpointing the issue, until we locate the issue.

Call Customer

Provide quote and time frame for issue to be resolved.

Source Local Parts

Call our local sources to order necessary parts.

Call Customer

Call customer to arrange pick up of their vehicle.

Why work with us?

Customer focus

Attention to customer details is our focus.We strive to make the customer happy. A happy customer will tell their friends and family about us. And WE love family referrals.


The most experienced transmission shop bar none. Aamco, Smitty's can't compare to us. We are the leaders and the innovates.


We use only the latest scan tools. We also use factory test equipment to better diagnose your vehicle correctly.