CVT Transmissions


They say it can't be done... But we do it.

We are the ONLY transmission shop in Rochester to rebuild these things , and we do them daily. Thanks Nissan. We took the time to learn how these transmission function, we learned their weaknesses and we improve them. Smitty’s can’t say that. Keep buying them from the dealer. LOL


We put an incredible amount of thought into our CVT rebuilds. The pulley and belt systems aren't cheap and the last thing we wanna do is have to replace one under warranty. We rather do it right the first time.


We understand how CVT transmissions work. We see the design flaws. We understand the failures of these units, and we everything in our power to properly fix these so they last the life of the vehicle.


We install all the latest updates, that change pressure parameters to the area that need it. Which lead to increased longevity of common parts that fail.

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