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Making customers happy and fixing transmissions since 2004

This company started in 2003 with ideas i had in mind from working at other transmission shops. First, build the best product i could. Second use only quality vendors who sold quality parts. Third, do all the latest updates to the transmission i could. And lastly, Do it at the fairest price possible.


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Our mission

Our purpose is to repair your vehicle in a timely manner, and in the process make a profit. Without this profit we would no longer be in business.
We are environmentally conscience company, and dispose of our waste products with the environment in mind.
We get asked all the time. "Are you the cheapest?" Simple answer NO. Our prices are generally cheaper than the dealer and more expensive than other transmission repair shops. A dealer will charge you for every part in that transmission whether is bad or good. We only charge for the wearable parts. A gear doesn't wear, so we dont charge you for a new one. Hence the lower cost than the dealer

Our values

Our existence is based on our ability to fix your transmission at a profit. We won’t gouge anyone ever. But we will make a profit, it’s business 101


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Why work with us?


We are the most experienced repair shop in Rochester. There might be shops in business longer. They are dinosaurs, it's not their main business anymore. We only do transmissions

Customer Support

We walk you through our 7 point process and explain every step, until you understand fully and are comfortable, and can make an informed decision...


The most complex transmission issue is no match for us. We have never not been able to diagnose a transmission issue. EVER. and we plan to keep it that way..

Latest technologies

We always use the latest equipment to diagnose your vehicle properly. We also install the latest updates to your transmission

Fair prices

We will always fix your vehicle at the fairest price possible. We will never over charge. EVER

Top industry specialists

We are the most knowledgeable, when it comes to transmissions. We can pinpoint your issue every time.

What clients say about us

Very small but effective team...

We are the 2 most qualified people to work on your transmission. Highly trained, Great understanding of flow charts. Excellent understanding of how everything inside a transmission is supposed to work. Top notch tools to better help us with diagnostics. AND not bad looking…

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Got questions? Ideas? Leave us your phone number and we will contact you. 

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