Manual Transmissions

We specialize in manual transmissions, we are the last transmission shop in town doing them...

We are still the masters of rebuilding manual transmissions. With less than 1% of cars sold in the United States having manual transmissions. We still see them. And we crush it on the rebuilds. We use only high quality  Timken bearings when available.


Alot of thought goes into our manual rebuilds. Where can we find the best blocking rings they make. We pay close attention to tolerances. Too much load on a bearing generates more heat, resulting in shorter life.


We test drive all manual transmissions that we rebuild. We price up each manual rebuild by what parts they need. Every one gets a complete Timken bearing kit, as well as blocker rings.

Fair Prices

We strive to give the fairest price we can. We must have a profit in each rebuild we do. No profit means no longer in business. We won't use inferior parts. Our name is on that rebuild.

Let us earn your business

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