Rough Shifting or Hard Shifting Transmission

Is your vehicle experiencing hard shifting or rough shifts,  may have trouble accelerating, struggling to upshift or downshift.  Can you feel your car shifting, maybe it feels like another motorists hit your rear bumper. This could be a couple different issues. A quick diagnosis at The Transmission Clinic will verify any concerns. Give a call 585.509.5300 to schedule an appointment. 

Causes of harsh or slam shifting include:

  • Transmission Fluid Low or Poor Condition – Transmission fluid thats not changed on a regular basis will have contamination build up, which can lead to sticky or stuck valves(s). Low fluid will cause bushing to wear quicker than normal which will result in poor line pressure. Low line pressure can cause a variety of shift concerns including harsh or long shift. Long shifts affect transmission life as it wears clutch material out faster than normal.
  • The fluid – in your transmission should appear clean, almost transparent, and  might have a light tint of color(red being the most common) but most cvt transmission fluids are yellow in color and will look purple on the ground. Brown transmission fluid indicates no maintenance. and black transmission fluid indicates a transmission issue.
  • Faulty electronics – Most new vehicles today are computer controller and have bus wires than send data to multiple computers at the same time. with all these electronics, any one of the sensors could affect shift quality and shift points. If these sensors are not functioning properly or receiving interference it could affect transmission shift quality.  We are the best are diagnosing wires or electronic component issues.