How to fix a loose shifter (Column)

A transmission shifter is the most critical part of your car.  It allows you to shift into gear, reverse, and MOST importantly PARK.. Without park there is a danger to life, yours and others. If your shifter isn’t properly adjusted for park, you car can run away and hurt someone. Transmission shifter should be done by properly certified technicians. Safety is number one priority. If your shifter is loose or out of adjustment it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. in other words.. NOW. It one of the most common problems with the shifter, This is one thing that is common, especially if your car is old. Things wear out. Certain ford explorers had a recall for the column shifter loosening causing a safety hazard. All that was required is a quick tightening of the bolts with a dab of Loctite and the problem was solved.

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Transmission Seal

Transmission seals are used internally, but mostly externally on transmissions. Input shaft and output shaft  ride on bushings. The seals are used to keep the transmission fluid inside the transmission. They are also used in transfer cases as well as hydro drives.  Nothing worse that having a leaking hydro drive, oil contamination in the ecosystem. BAD BAD NEWS. That’s why it’s imperative to have good quality seals that don’t leak. The fluid needs to be retained within the unit. Contamination are the major reason for seal failure, Contaminants in the fluid cause premature bushing failure which in results in the center of shaft to not be in the center of the seals. It allows oil to pass by the seal. 



Seal design plays an important role in long service life. Improvements in design allows for capability to handle significant amount of run out and misalignments. Due to their exposure beneath vehicles, axle seals are subject to  harsh conditions, including rocks and dirt contamination.  Contamination exclusion under such conditions is the key to long life.

Transmission Gaskets

 Your pan gasket is the lowest seal on the transmission. which means if it leaks you will loose almost all your transmission fluid. Resulting in catastrophic transmission damage. its recommended that when you change your engine oil and filter that your transmission pan and lines are checked for leakage. It is recommended that when you change your transmission pan gasket that you also change your transmission filter. And at minimum  this should be done at least every 20,000 miles as part of your regular maintenance.

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The cheapest of all the gaskets. Cork has been used since the 1960’s It has superior sealing quality over all other gaskets . The only reason for its demise is low profit for the manufacturers of them and the low profit for the dealers. A $3.00 pan gasket can only be marked up so much. Dealers would charge $6.00 so it would mean a $3.00 markup. But if the manufacturer eliminated cork gasket and your only option was a molded gasket,  and charged $50.00 for these gaskets. The dealer can then charge $100.00 for it. resulting in a $50 markup for this same gasket instead of a $3.00 markup for cork. They increased there profit by $47 for 1 gasket. And these molded gasket don’t work any better than cork gaskets. 

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Harsh Shift or Bump Shifting Transmission

Rough Shifting or Hard Shifting Transmission

Is your vehicle experiencing hard shifting or rough shifts,  may have trouble accelerating, struggling to upshift or downshift.  Can you feel your car shifting, maybe it feels like another motorists hit your rear bumper. This could be a couple different issues. A quick diagnosis at The Transmission Clinic will verify any concerns. Give a call 585.509.5300 to schedule an appointment. 

Causes of harsh or slam shifting include:

  • Transmission Fluid Low or Poor Condition – Transmission fluid thats not changed on a regular basis will have contamination build up, which can lead to sticky or stuck valves(s). Low fluid will cause bushing to wear quicker than normal which will result in poor line pressure. Low line pressure can cause a variety of shift concerns including harsh or long shift. Long shifts affect transmission life as it wears clutch material out faster than normal.
  • The fluid – in your transmission should appear clean, almost transparent, and  might have a light tint of color(red being the most common) but most cvt transmission fluids are yellow in color and will look purple on the ground. Brown transmission fluid indicates no maintenance. and black transmission fluid indicates a transmission issue.
  • Faulty electronics – Most new vehicles today are computer controller and have bus wires than send data to multiple computers at the same time. with all these electronics, any one of the sensors could affect shift quality and shift points. If these sensors are not functioning properly or receiving interference it could affect transmission shift quality.  We are the best are diagnosing wires or electronic component issues. 



Transmission Slipping


The picture above , the clutches on the left are severely burnt and the ones on the right are brand new. So if you have a manual, automatic, cvt or hybrid transmission, there is going to be a point in time where you will feed something weird going on. Don’t ignore it. If you felt a unusual bump or long shift, bring you vehicle in for a quick diagnosis to ease any concerns. Ignoring the issue will make things worse and cost more. The earlier the issue is fixed, generally the cheaper the cost. So don’t wait.

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One issue for a slipping transmission is poor maintenance. A lack of transmission tune ups resulting in high containments in the transmission fluid, that circulate around the transmission. And when there is high containments in the fluid the will settle someplace. Sometimes the get sucked up by the filter and stay there. But some filter have by passes . So once the filter is full all the containments go everywhere and get stuck in places that it shouldn’t. High containments in the fluid also prematurely wear out the seals, which compounds the issue. Leaky seals allows transmission fluid to escape which will make transmission slip more until complete failure. Its critical for the transmission fluid to stay inside the transmission and be clean and containment free.

It is our opinion that these products are temporary fixes for transmisison slipping conditions

Leaking Transmission Lines

Does your Transmission Cooling Lines Leak??

Transmission cooling lines are responsible for transporting HOT transmission cooler to the transmission cooler for the cooler to do its job. then the transmission cooler lines return the fluid back into your transmission at nearly 100 degrees cooler. The are many leak points though.  The rubber lines dry rot causing leaks. O’rings at connection also have a high fail point. They also wear over time and must be checked atleast once a year .

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Over time, the cooling lines can wear out and develop leaks. This is normal vehicle wear and tear. The cooling lines can also get damaged if a rock hits em.

It’s a good idea to look under your vehicle for any fluid leaks. Leaks are NOT normal, and can cause abnormal wear on components. If you have a leak

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 Leaks WILL cause the transmission to overheat. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, which will result in expensive transmission repair costs. Its best to fix leaks and leaky transmission cooler lines sooner than later and the repair is relativity  inexpensive.



How Much to fix my Transmission ?

Transmission repair costs can vary a lot, a simple vehicle speed sensor, can make your transmission not shift at all or shift very late and can cost under $200. All the way up to several thousand dollar if a complete overhaul is needed. Its always best if you have transmission issues to have it checked out before it becomes a complete overhaul.

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Transmission repair costs can vary a lot, a simple vehicle speed sensor, can make your transmission not shift at all or shift very late and can cost under $200. All the way up to several thousand dollar if a complete overhaul is needed. Its always best if you have transmission issues to have it checked out before it becomes a complete overhaul.

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They sooner you catch an issue, usually its cheaper on the repair cost. I hear it so many times “3 weeks ago I felt this weird bump” and here we are with a severely damaged transmission, costing thousands of dollars. 

The average transmission rebuild start at $1,500 and can go over $6,000. The more damage you do to it and the more parts we have to put in it, raises the cost. Where as a Dealer will assume all the parts are bad and charge you for every part in the transmission. Not every part in the transmission is a wearable part. For example the transmission case. It doesn’t wear, its there to hold all the components together. But the dealer will charge you for one, WHY? if your case is bad, they want to be paid for it. If its not bad, its added profit for the dealer. Where is with us , if your case isn’t bad we don’t charge your for it. Which means added SAVINGS to you. In general we are usually half the cost of what a dealer will quote you.