Transmission Seal

Transmission seals are used internally, but mostly externally on transmissions. Input shaft and output shaft  ride on bushings. The seals are used to keep the transmission fluid inside the transmission. They are also used in transfer cases as well as hydro drives.  Nothing worse that having a leaking hydro drive, oil contamination in the ecosystem. BAD BAD NEWS. That’s why it’s imperative to have good quality seals that don’t leak. The fluid needs to be retained within the unit. Contamination are the major reason for seal failure, Contaminants in the fluid cause premature bushing failure which in results in the center of shaft to not be in the center of the seals. It allows oil to pass by the seal. 



Seal design plays an important role in long service life. Improvements in design allows for capability to handle significant amount of run out and misalignments. Due to their exposure beneath vehicles, axle seals are subject to  harsh conditions, including rocks and dirt contamination.  Contamination exclusion under such conditions is the key to long life.

Transmission Gaskets

 Your pan gasket is the lowest seal on the transmission. which means if it leaks you will loose almost all your transmission fluid. Resulting in catastrophic transmission damage. its recommended that when you change your engine oil and filter that your transmission pan and lines are checked for leakage. It is recommended that when you change your transmission pan gasket that you also change your transmission filter. And at minimum  this should be done at least every 20,000 miles as part of your regular maintenance.

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The cheapest of all the gaskets. Cork has been used since the 1960’s It has superior sealing quality over all other gaskets . The only reason for its demise is low profit for the manufacturers of them and the low profit for the dealers. A $3.00 pan gasket can only be marked up so much. Dealers would charge $6.00 so it would mean a $3.00 markup. But if the manufacturer eliminated cork gasket and your only option was a molded gasket,  and charged $50.00 for these gaskets. The dealer can then charge $100.00 for it. resulting in a $50 markup for this same gasket instead of a $3.00 markup for cork. They increased there profit by $47 for 1 gasket. And these molded gasket don’t work any better than cork gaskets. 

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