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"Transmissions, its all we do. ain't no one better..."

Automatic Transmissions

These types of transmissions are generally the most costly. As the manufacturers  add more gears to meet stricter federal mandates the cost to repair these increases. More gears mean more parts. more parts means increased costs. Engineers are making these transmissions more complex and the need for highly skilled technicians are a necessity. We generally use better materials than the factory. and we install all the latest updates to make the automatic transmissions last longer than factory reman transmissions

Manual Transmissions

As the name suggests, a manual transmission has to be shifted manually, by the driver. These transmissions generally last the longer as there is no heat being generated by clutch packs.  With regular maintenance these transmissions will last the life of your car, with only a clutch replacement necessary every 7-10 years depending on usage. Highway travelers can see replacement clutches every 15-20 years. True muscle car enthusiast prefer these types of transmission because of their ability to eliminate torque convertor slip and the ability to couple the engine to the transmission without a component in the middle slipping (Torque Convertor)

CVT Transmissions

A CVT or a continuously variable transmission is an automatic transmission with an infinite amount of gear ratios. Its easy for the car manufacturer to keep the engine in the best rpm range for fuel efficiency and power.    These transmission have a generally high failure rate, and generally make it out of factory warranty. In general, car manufacturers prefer these transmission for their low cost of production. While cost to the aftermarket for parts is generally high.


MQ281 manual transmission