The picture above , the clutches on the left are severely burnt and the ones on the right are brand new. So if you have a manual, automatic, cvt or hybrid transmission, there is going to be a point in time where you will feed something weird going on. Don’t ignore it. If you felt a unusual bump or long shift, bring you vehicle in for a quick diagnosis to ease any concerns. Ignoring the issue will make things worse and cost more. The earlier the issue is fixed, generally the cheaper the cost. So don’t wait.

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One issue for a slipping transmission is poor maintenance. A lack of transmission tune ups resulting in high containments in the transmission fluid, that circulate around the transmission. And when there is high containments in the fluid the will settle someplace. Sometimes the get sucked up by the filter and stay there. But some filter have by passes . So once the filter is full all the containments go everywhere and get stuck in places that it shouldn’t. High containments in the fluid also prematurely wear out the seals, which compounds the issue. Leaky seals allows transmission fluid to escape which will make transmission slip more until complete failure. Its critical for the transmission fluid to stay inside the transmission and be clean and containment free.

It is our opinion that these products are temporary fixes for transmisison slipping conditions