Recognizing transmission problems timely and getting them fixed is important to a car’s overall health and long term use. It is important to get your car checked out by a professional if it displays any of the signs which may indicate the following problems.

Leaking or dirty fluid
The main sign of any leakage or debris within the transmission is slow shifting of the car if it is an automatic or gear slippage if it is a manual. If you notice either one of these signs in your car it might be a result of transmission fluid leakage or possible burnt fluid or debris. In this case the gears won’t have the fluid they need to work properly and there won’t be adequate fluid for lubrication of the transmission.

Torque converter problems
If there are any problems with the torque converter in your car’s transmission it can result in grinding and whining noises in the car when it is running. This is because the small roller needle bearings are affected which prevent gears from grinding and any issue with them will cause premature wearing down of the gears. This is a problem unique to automatic cars and is a common transmission problem.

Burning Smell
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there shouldn’t be any burning smell coming from the car at any point. This is another problem caused by low levels of transmission fluid or dirty transmission fluid that isn’t doing its job properly. The transmission fluid is what keeps the transmission from overheating and is a problem that needs to be rectified immediately.

Broken Flax Plate
This is one of the easiest components to spot in an automatic transmission system. Basically if your transmission’s flax plate is broken it won’t be able to transfer power adequately from the engine to the transmission and in turn won’t be able to get the car to have enough power to drive.

Worn out Clutch
This is a transmission problem that is unique to manual transmissions. If the clutch is worn out or damaged it does not allow the proper gears to be applied adequately. A fluid leak in the clutch master cylinder will lead to the manual transmission clutch being worn out faster and will require a clutch replacement.

Regular Maintenance is Key!
In all of the above problems the problem is usually not very large and is only accelerated when it is not rectified immediately.