What is the purpose of transmission fluid?
Transmission fluid, just like oil, acts as a lubricant. It helps to dissipate the intense heat generated by the engine and to keep it lubricated so that all parts function at an optimum and there is no grinding and wearing down of parts. With regular use transmission fluid eventually starts to get burnt down, getting darker and more viscous and also acquires debris. This keeps it from doing its job and causes the engine to heat up faster and be more susceptible to wear and tear.

So what are the benefits of transmission fluid change?
Prevention of complete breakdown
Prevention is the best cure and in the case of your transmission fluid this is certainly the case. If the fluid that’s lubricating the engine doesn’t function properly there’s a chance your engine will eventually become so worn out that it’ll go into a complete lockdown. Before getting to this drastic stage it is better to just change the transmission fluid regularly and prevent it altogether.

You Save Money
Who doesn’t like adding to their savings! Getting transmission fluid changed costs less than getting an entire transmission repaired or rebuilt or maybe even replaced completely if it’s badly damaged. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a new transmission just be vigilant and get regular maintenance done and as part of routine maintenance get the fluid changed regularly before it has a chance to damage the transmission.

More Fuel Economy
As the amount of wear on your engine increases it causes the engine to have to perform more work. When you notice that your engine is consuming more fuel than it used to then it’s time to get the transmission fluid changed. When the fluid in the transmission is new and clear it allows the engine to work better and consume less fuel. Not only will this also save you money but you won’t have to worry about your fuel running out quickly on long journeys.

No Bad Smells
When transmission fluid gets old it changes color and starts emitting a putrid smell which nobody wants to deal with on their morning commute. Rather than have the filters clogged and an extra strain put on the engine keep making regular checks on your fluid using the dipstick and whenever the transmission seems to change color get it replaced immediately.
Now that the benefits of regular maintenance of your car’s transmission fluid have been listed it is easy to see how much better it is to monitor this small factor rather than have to deal with a larger breakdown.